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Haiti Container Update

Hello! The House Of Hope is in need of funds to send a container shipment down to the orphanage. The shipment contains jars, cans, and boxes filled with protein rich peanut butter, tuna, and family-sized packages of vitamins, minerals, and protein enriched rice. These items will help feed the following: Children at the House Of Hope Orphanage Granny and Grandpa Outreach Program Families in the Tabarre Community The supplies will be shipped via a seaboard container! Please consider donating. Thank you! If you would like to donate, here is the link: Haiti Container Donation Site

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Update On Hurricane Matthew

For at least two days, the skies were ominous as a bank of clouds hung low near the port and the mountains to the South were shrouded in heavy clouds. The usual drone of aircraft was gone as the nearby Port-au-Prince airport was closed. Then on Sunday night howling winds hit the orphanage and its neighborhood. By morning the winds died down and the orphanage was hit with a deluge of rain. The Vorst’s flight home was cancelled on Monday, then again on Wednesday, before they were able to leave on Saturday. The good news is that all of the children are safe. The orphanage survived with some leaks and flooding in the yard. It also escaped a near-miss. The nearby river (which is usually a 300 ft wide by 100 ft dry ravine), was flooded to within inches of its banks. The only bridge in the neighborhood that crossed the river was closed to vehicle traffic and only 20 pedestrians were allowed to cross at a time. Any more water out of the mountains would surely have put our entire neighborhood under water. While the children are safe, we don’t know anything about our grannies or the poor living in the neighborhood. Many of their houses consist of sheet of corrugated metal, canvas laid on a crude framework of boards. It was not possible or safe to venture into their makeshift homes to survey damage. It is very likely […]

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This is the new Amer-Haitian Bon Zami website! If you have any questions or concerns about the new website, please contact Carl and Carole Vorst, which is provided on the sidebar. Also, in order to get emails of blog posts, click the “follow” button on the side of the page and put your email in!  Thank you for all of the support!

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