Patti’s School

After a two-year recess, Patti’s School reopened in September. Teachers have been hired, gbayerand the classrooms have been prepared. Our goal is to provide children with a positive learning environment, encouragement and lots of love to address the mission of the House of Hope.

Vocational Training

Job opportunities are very limited in Haiti. The first classes are in jewelry making, sewing and gardening. Plans are being made to include computer skills, English, hygiene/first-aid training and bible classes.

The Pitch Soccer

The Pitch: Haiti is a soccer-based youth outreach program. The Pitch uses soccer training and teams to build relationships with kids, and leverage those relationships to serve the community, meet basic humanitarian needs, build vocational skills, and share the gbayer2love of Christ. Using soccer as a cross-cultural tool, we are able to teach the importance of self-discipline, teamwork, personal health, and the Gospel.

Granny Program

Even more forgotten than the children, are the elderly. Since the earthquake, the grannies’ lives are even more difficult. On Thursdays, the grannies are given food, clothing, and hygiene items to help them with their hard lives. They do simple chores, such as sweeping, to help them feel involved.

Hope Christian Church

There are four campuses for Hope Christian Church; Tabarre, Cite Soliel, Mirabilis, and Canaan. The Tabarre church meets inside the House Of Hope compound, Cite Soliel in the worst slum in the Western hemisphere, Mirabilis North of Port-au-Prince and Canaan in a new post-earthquake settlement. There are many challenges in a country of superstition and traditions.