PITCH SOCCER PROGRAM| If you would like to sponsor one of our soccer boys, please visit the pitch soccer website under our links page.

HOUSE OF HOPE| $25 per month
These are the girls at HOH that currently need sponsorships. All the other girls are fully sponsored. Your donations will pay for food, clothing, medical attention, education, and lodging for the girls. If you would like to sponsor a child, please contact Patti Hight at phight@harvesterchristian.org

REACH OUT | $25 per month                                                                                                          The Reach Out program is for kids that attend Patti’s school in the House of Hope, but live in the surrounding community. Your sponsorship will not only provide them with an educational opportunity, but also for food and medical care when a medical team is at the House of Hope.

Not pictured: Christopher Germain. Age: 9. Grade:4th